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Terms and Conditions

For a full copy of the Qualtex Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods for Business Customers, please click the link on the right hand side.

Information detail throughout this site has been gathered with due diligence to ensure accuracy. However, Qualtex (UK) Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any alteration of specification, no matter how caused, or any errors, omissions or consequences thereof.

All reference to manufacturer's names or model or part numbers and any depiction by photographs or drawings are solely for reference and identification purposes. There is no connection or endorsement implied with original assemblers. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

Reproduction in part or whole of any part of this web site, including format presentation of individual pages, without prior written permission from Qualtex (UK) Ltd. is inadmissible at law. Any content obtained from this site and found to be being used for commercial use, such as images or video or product data, will be subject to a minimum charge of £500 per item per month


Please take note of the updated procedure of returns for trade customers:

All our trade returns are now directed to and processed by our Denton depot. The returned items are then checked, accepted or rejected.

The returns procedure from receipt are completed within 7 - 14 days from receipt.

No exact number of days for a refund can be quoted. We will endeavour to process any refunds back onto your account well within the timeframe i.e. the 14 days quoted.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind our customers to put completed returns forms in the box. A fully completed returned form will speed up the processing of your credit.

If returns are received with no paper work/returns form, the returns will be rejected and after 3 months, will be disposed of if information has not been received by that deadline.

No credits will be issued until the procedure at the Denton depot has been completed.

Should a part have clear and undeniable evidence of early failure, it may be returned with the appropriate Qualtex return form fully documented. Dealers should ensure there is no physical damage evident on the part concerned and be completely satisfied the return is justified.

Goods are sold as non-returnable unless prior agreement has been agreed by the company.

The company may, at its discretion, charge a minimum re-stocking fee of 33% of the value of Returned Goods.

The following Goods may not be returned to us for credit:

a)    Goods which have been specially ordered at your request

b)    Goods that are not in their original packaging

c)    Goods that have already been used or fitted

d)    Goods with damaged original packaging and/or which are not in a resalable condition

e)    ALL timers and modules are sold on a non-returnable basis

f)     Goods that are no longer required must be returned within 14 days 

Deadlines for submitting returns:

Faulty Parts - No later than 90 days from date of invoice.

Transit damaged items - No later than 3 days from date of invoice.

Item missing from order - No later than 3 days from date of invoice.

Wrong item received - No later than 7 days from date of invoice.

Ordered in error - No later than 14 days from date of invoice (33% restocking fee).

Unwanted stock - No later than 14 days from date of invoice (33% restocking fee).

Non-Returnable Items including Low Value Products

We do not accept returns on items with a sale value of £1.50 or less excluding VAT.


Any additional items that are returned, that have not been authorised on the original request will not be authorised for credit.


A. Finished Products Warranty terms and conditions are covered by the manufacturer. Dealers are advised to acquaint themselves with these as each manufacturer may vary.

B. Original parts are generally not under warranty by the OEM as their policy is central to the fact they are not present at time of fitting and thus cannot assess the expertise of the fitter.

C. Qualtex offers a 90 day warranty on OEM spare parts and 6 months on Qualtex spare parts.

Back Orders

If any parts required are out of stock (not immediately available) they will be placed on back order. A cancellation in this instance will be at the customer's discretion. At time of dispatch, these "back ordered stock parts" will be invoiced at the current prevailing prices, which may differ from the original quoted price. A list of your current back ordered items will be available to view on our website.

Any cancellation of back order items will be at the customer's discretion, either by cancelling themselves via the website, emailing or talking to one of our call centre staff.

Special Orders

Any items that are special orders which are not normal stock lines cannot be cancelled once ordered and may not be accepted/returned for credit once delivered. At time of dispatch these "special order parts" will be invoiced at the current prevailing prices, which may differ from the original quoted price. Once in stock the special order part(s) will be automatically dispatched to you and a handling charge will apply*.

*Handling charge will be a minimum of £6.99.


All prices, wherever showing, are subject to VAT at the current UK rate - export goods (outised of the EU) are zero rated - and may change without notice. However, Qualtex do strive to achieve competitive and stable prices as a company policy but are from time to time subjected to price alterations outside of its control. 

Last Updated 13/01/2021

Full Terms and Conditions

A copy of our current terms and conditions document can be downloaded here:

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Returns Policy

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